Fundraising Jackpot!



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I just have to share what I have learned (first hand) recently. The fundraising bar has been raised. How many times have you been to a fundraising dinner or raffle and end the evening with a couple thousand dollars? Which is great but how does fifty to one hundred thousand dollars sound to you in one evening?

Yes, you read that right. This is almost too good to be true. Will this work for everybody? Absolutely not. But could it? Absolutely it could. People go to fundraisers to help out a cause or someone they know and love.  So the way we ran this fundraiser is that the people who participated didn’t just give away their money, they actually were purchasing things that they really wanted. Win win.

This particular fund-raiser had about 450 to 500 people who participated. A lot but not really unusual. The folks don’t even need a lot of money. The average was like thirty dollars. OK so this just keeps getting better, 90% of the participants ended up getting almost as much as the person that needed the fundraiser. What? Does that even make sense? Yes, yes it does. It was amazing.

Let me give you a downside. I know, I know, there is always a catch. You would not get the money that night. But your check will be mailed out on the 15th of the next month. Oh ya and one more thing, you will receive a check each and every month from there on out for the rest of your life. Those checks wont be as much as that first one but will still be pretty darn good.

Trust me when I say that everyone walks away more than happy. Will everyone do it? No. There is always someone that wont get it, but that is alright. The majority will. If there are only 20 people who show up it would still work, but the initial check would only be like $1000 to $2000. Still not bad, but a big difference from $100,000.00.

There are so many more benefits that I haven’t even mentioned, but you get the idea. It is just mind-boggling how amazing the opportunity really is.


Do You Believe in Ghosts?


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Ghosts are an interesting topic don’t you think? I believe in them, I talk to them and I feel them often. I am not a ghost hunter by any means, as a matter of fact I am not even “sensitive” to them. I wish I was. But possibly a childhood incident blocked that part of me for so long I may never get it all back.


I was little and was spending time at my Grandparents farm when I first saw him. Most of the details escape me, but I can picture this man, older maybe 50’s or 60’s, all dressed for a day of hunting. Orange and chamo from head to toe with a rifle in his hands. Not threatening at all. I can picture him walking from the kitchen through the hallway and then thats it. I am not sure where he was going or where exactly he went.


I also dont really remember who exactly I told, but I do remember being the talk of the weekend. Adults were laughing and patting me on the head. “She had a dream and is trying to convince us that it was real” they would say. Was I a liar? I didn’t think so, but maybe it was a dream that just felt so real. I will never really know.


But now that I am an adult and have actually moved into my Grandparents home since they passed, a lot of memories and questions have popped into my head. My Grandma visits me, I just know it. Certain things will move or I will here certain things that just make me feel her.


There have been instances where things would scare me here, but from watching some ghost shows and visiting mediums, I understand that if I just talk to them, they will listen for the most part. So I talk to my Grammy often and ask her to not let our family and friends do things that scare me. Let me know that they are here for sure, just please don’t scare me. So far so good. I have only been jumped a couple of times and then the more calming feelings come through.


So now I talk to my brother, my father, my grandparents and other family and friends. I am hoping to see my brother someday but it hasn’t happened yet. I know he listens but I haven’t felt him like I do my Gram.


So do you believe in ghosts?



Weight Loss


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Mark: The picture on the left is me a few years ago at 500 pounds and the picture on the right is me a few weeks ago having lost roughly 240 of those pounds… Melaleuca products have been the constant through the entire journey.

I do not post this to brag, instead I post this to show a principal. That principle is consistency. There is absolutely nothing more powerful in building a Melaleuca business, weight loss, building relationships or anything else in life compared to consistency.

The only reason people fail is because of broken focus so today make a fresh determination to simply be more consistent in the critical activities and I promise with that consistency, powerful results will indeed follow.

— with Mark Kenney.

The picture on the left is me a few years ago at 500 pounds and the picture on the right is me a few weeks ago having lost roughly 240 of those pounds... Melaleuca products have been the constant through the entire journey.</p>
<p>I do not post this to brag, instead I post this to show a principal. That principle is consistency. There is absolutely nothing more powerful in building a Melaleuca business, weight loss, building relationships or anything else in life compared to consistency.</p>
<p>The only reason people fail is because of broken focus so today make a fresh determination to simply be more consistent in the critical activities and I promise with that consistency, powerful results will indeed follow.



Tammy: I have to tell you my biggest success story this far!!
My husband has awful seasonal allergies to the point the only thing to bring him relief was allergy shots… ( a huge hassle &expense with no relief for about one year) he decided he would suffer. This was until I was introduced to Melaleuca! I converted our home ( hoping it would help at least alittle bit as his allergies were so bad!) after 3 weeks I was thinking he seemed like he was not having as many allergy attacks able to enjoy bring outside again… Two weeks later he agreed that his allergies were so much better!!!!
With being new and not knowing what to do with my old laundry detergent I had it still in my laundry area. My mother in law came to our house last weekend and washed about three loads of laundry with the old detergent and you guessed it he started with allergies sneezing attacks watery eyes etc… I rewashed everything in our melapower melasoft-and decided I need to dispose of the old store detergents ASAP!!! He is now better -no more sneezing watery eyes -this has really proven to me how awesome our products are!!!! With being newly introduced to melaleuca I have more stories how the products have helped our family but this is the main one!!! Soooo awesome thank you Melaleuca!!!!


Pam: Tammy I would agree. My husband has psoriasis and we used Gain for a long time which worked better then any other laundry det. we used. After the change to Melaleuca I used Gain on sheets and blankets and noticed the itching with him again. Nothing in our laundry but Melaleuca.


Sandra: me too..I super allergic to most things..hives..breathing problems. .rashes…not Melaleuca. .I even have s shellfish sensitivity but I can take Replenex…nothing but good results

Lyme Disease



Richard: I have/had lyme disease once upon a time. Melaleuca saved my life, and I thank them and God everyday. It was a long drawn out battle too.
Angela: Someone in my org has a sister that is disabled from Lyme. He says she has been messed up for like six years…do you think we can still help her?
Richard: Depends on where she is with her treatment or lack of, and it depends on if they found co -infections. can you find that out?
Angela: I can. All I know at the moment is that she went for a few years not even knowing what was wrong.
Richard: I contracted the bite in 2004 and just about died from it…..after that it was a series of in hospitals, out of hospitals, all kinds of invasive tests (they found nothing) I was diagnosed with everything under the sun and they tested and found nothing and I knew it was lyme causing all the problems. I went through hell for four years and then Mela came into my life and I went through more hell but now I don’t have it anymore.
Angela: Omg that is horrific and amazing all at the same time. Do you mind if I forward this to Bob…or figure out how to include him?
Richard: Do what you need to do, I’ll stand by and help anyway I can.
If you see your friend (the one with lyme). If they aren’t on antibiotics anymore for the disease, Vitality 4s and Activate Immune Boost will help them get rid of the rest of the damage caused by not only the lyme but also the long term antibiotic use.. That’s only if they aren’t on antibiotics anymore. If they are…..the antibiotics are causing more organ damage and the antibiotics against Vitality4s will cause some of the antibiotics to not work. (now you know why I had to know where they were with treatment). If you have any other questions….contact me before you contact them.
Angela: Thank you!! I will send this to them right now…
Richard: Do you know if they are still treating?
Angela: I don’t know. Bob is the one talking to her.
Richard: OK……she has to be off the antibiotics…hopefully she is.
Angela: I hope so too. She has been in hell for too many years….

Fibromyalgia and Neuropathy


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Quick question for anyone who might know the answer. I have someone that I will be calling today, and she has mentioned that she has developed fibromyalgia and neropothy. I do not have a Melaleuca Wellness Guide yet, so I am wondering which products I should be talking about with her, that will help with her illnesses! Thanks!!

 Brian: RM Barry’s newsletter this week talks about fibromyalgia and ProvexCV can help with neuropathy…


Deborah: in this month’s issue of the rmbarry newsletter, he speaks of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and as one who has this nasty disease, the info is spot on! hope this helps


RM Barry:

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

(Please read our disclaimer)

Imagine having chronic pain and tenderness all over your body with fatigue, sleep problems, headaches, and depression, along with anxiety and frustration. In the past some doctors told patients suffering with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue that it was “all in their head.” Thankfully even though doctors may not fully understand the cause, they now have diagnostic guidelines and protocols.

From the Arthritis Foundation we learn that fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue are similar disorders. They note that fibromyalgia pain is usually chronic with specific sites that are very tender, and that the fatigue of someone suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome is intense and can be disabling.

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide tells us that muscular pains, flu-like symptoms, and mood changes are common with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. It also tells us that people with fibromyalgia have been found to have low serotonin and tryptophan levels. It has been suggested that 5-HTP might be useful. Similar findings are reported in a PubMed study.

Intestinal Symptoms

According to Livestrong, an overgrowth of abnormal bacteria in the small bowel along with constipation and or diarrhea is also a symptom of fibromyalgia.

Probiotics are recommended in the treatment of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

PubMed reports that patients with chronic fatigue syndrome have changes in the microbial flora, including lowered levels of Bifidobacteria. They conclude that lactic acid bacteria may support the immune system.


Convert your home to safer EcoSense household products, and your personal care products to Melaleuca Bath and Body and Sei Bella. The recommended diet is high in fiber. Eat as many raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains, raw nuts and seeds as possible. One of the best sources of fiber on the market is delicious FiberWise Drink and Bars. Avoid animal fats, soft drinks, caffeine, sugars, and alcohol. Luminex with 5-HTP may help with depression. A larger dose of 5HTP may be even more useful.

The Vitality Pack helps increases magnesium levels. CellWise, ProvexCV, ProVex-Plus, and Coldwater Omega-3 and Replenex help reduce inflammation. Florify contains an important blend of 5 billion colony units of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis needed to help establish and maintain healthy microbial flora in the digestive tract.

Renew Bath Oil relieves muscle aches to an amazing degree because of the Melaleuca Oil. Also, remember Pain-A-Trate to help with muscular pain.

Detailed information on chronic fatigue syndrome can be found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

PubMed Health discusses fibromyalgia.

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide also tells us to expect 12 to 16 weeks before any change is noted. A healthy diet, rest, and good nutritional supplements seem to be the most effective. Stress seems to aggravate the condition appreciably. Exercise is important, but when someone has been exhausted and sick for a long time, starting an exercise program will be difficult. EveryDay Health has suggestions to get started.

~ Richard M Barry

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Success Stories

The people below will receive a free copy of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.

I have been a fibromyalgia sufferer for many years. I was initially diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome in 1992 at the Cleveland Clinic. A few years later my diagnosis was changed to fibromyalgia. I have lived with debilitating exhaustion and pain, and at times I was unable to work. As a single mom, that was a very low time in my life.

I no longer feel the exhaustion thanks to the Vitality vitamins and minerals! I noticed a startling improvement after taking them for only three days. I used to spend most of my time when I wasn’t at work on the couch. No way could I make plans during the week after work. And if I made plans on the weekend, I had to have at least one day to recover before going to work on Monday. Now, I have my life back…I am doing something most every night of the week. I have to make myself go to bed at a decent hour, and rarely, if ever, do I feel tired! I truly feel like I have the energy I had in my 20’s! I am still experiencing pain but not as often, and it is not as debilitating. When I do, I use Pain-A-Trate and it works beautifully.

~ Cynthia

I have chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Daily I take three Vitality for Women, two Calcium Complete twice daily, two CellWise twice daily, two Phytomega twice daily, six Provex CV in the morning, one Replenex Extra Strength in the morning and two in the evening, and one Florify a day. I also take Activate for two weeks on and two weeks off to boost my immune system. My GP has advised the extra supplements and I have increased the dosages slowly until I felt the symptoms go away. Some of the dosages I have been able to reduce over time. If I forget my vitamins and supplements for a few days I really feel the effects, so I know it really works for me. I take all of them when I travel to make sure my holidays are not spoilt by pain or illness. Thank you Melaleuca!

~ Lauren


Does anyone have experience with these products and autism??

Andrew: A reduction in harsh and toxic chemicals from the environment has been shown to be very beneficial in kids with autism. Lots of credible studies if you do your research on the internet. Hope that helps.
Jess: One of my sons had Autism and I’ve seen a huge difference in him.

Jess: *has Autism
Joanne: Introduced products to a friend whose son is Autistic. First to go was harsh toxins. Seizures lessened. Next brought in koalapals chewables stimming lessened We are not a cure company and don’t claim to be. But it sure does feel good helping people find relief and/or alternatives
Melissa: How old? My son is 10. I can’t really comment on difference with chemicals because I’ve been with Melaleuca for 7 years but he takes the mens vitality and omega 3 & I have seen a huge change!
  • Joanne: Melissa friend’s son is 14
    Kathy: I am very interested in hearing comments on this. I work in a special needs classroom and we use Clorox wipes and it kills me. They are soo bad.

    Kathy: My first week there and came home with massive headaches every day. Now my body is used to it and it is not that bad.
  • Phil: That’s a side effect of chlorine exposure. It desensitized your ability to recognize the smell. It’s not a good thing. Try to get sol-u-guard in there
  •  Melissa: I don’t allow my kids to use the Clorox wipes in school. I send them with tough and tender wipes and a note to the teacher. smelling these chemicals all day could be one of the reasons they have bigger issues with him in school than I have at home.Joanne he should definitely be taking the vitamins. My son gets to choose the flavor of his omega 3s each month
  • Missy: my daughter takes the Kola pals and the Omega 3 and have seen a great improvement. I am sure the lack of chemicals in the house has also helped.

    I have a friend whose son is autistic, and I would like to approach her about Melaleuca. I would appreciate any feedback you all could give me about how Melaleuca has helped you/your family with autism.

    • Missy: My daughter who is spectrum takes the Omega 3 and has been great for her focus. I know there are few others on here that have older kids that are able to take more of the supplements that have had great things to say.



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Vicki: Josh, my son has a neurological diagnosis called Microcephaly with simplified gyral pattern meaning small head and his brain did not form properly while in utero; with that comes umbrella conditions like CP, reflux, constipation and worst of all; Epilepsy. He is 3 1/2 years old, we switched stores back in May of 2012 since we switched we immediately saw a decrease in his seizures because we did a whole household conversion; we were clorox and lysol users. Once I saw the decrease in seizures we decided to add the Koala pals; my son cant chew but is fed pureed foods orally so we crush the vitamins and sprinkle on his breakfast, within 2 days Nicks reflux began to improve and he began pooping on his own! He was once on 2 seizure meds, 3 constipations meds and 2 reflux meds and because of Melaleuca he is now only on 2 meds total; one for seizures and one for reflux. By all medical opinions my son should have oxygen, a.gtube and nissen fonduplication but because of Melaleuca he is one of the healthiest Microcephaly kids out there. It is my true belief that Melaleuca has improved the Quality of my sons life( kids like him have a grim life expectancy rate). I am also happy to say that he has only been sick ONCE since starting the vitamins 1 1/2 ago. Once!!!! We also just got the ok from his neurologist to start the Omega 3’s with him which I am very excited about!

Real Families – Real Problems

In this thread I am going to continuously update you with the ailments and or diseases that everyday families have had to deal with. But with that I will also add their stories of what is helping to relieve symptoms naturally. There are things that have no cure, of course, but if they can share with us what has helped with the quality of life that they do have, isn’t it worth it?


I will try to post the disease or ailment as the title, but as most of us know, one ailment usually umbrellas a whole other group. So I will try to add those as tags so they are searchable as well.


Please feel free to share anything that you would like to help the ones that you love.